Privacy Policy

In connection with the general European regulation, Article 73 3 of Act no. 18/2018 Z.z. we will ask for your consent to the processing of your personal data at: The purpose of the GDPR Regulation is to provide a higher level of protection of your personal data and an overview of its processing, and Your rights.

Your personal data is processed solely in accordance with valid legislation. We process personal data only with the consent of the client. It is only on his or her free choice whether or not to grant his or her consent to the proposed scope. Grant of consent is entirely voluntary and consent can be withdrawn at any time. We are bound by the scope of the consent we give, and we fully respect it.
Basic information

Company Name: Leitner Technologies s.r.o.

Address: Maróthyho 6,811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia

Company ID: 36254959

Tax ID: 2020172418

VAT ID: SK2020172418

Contact details:, +421 (0) 910 909 373
Purpose of processing of personal data

We will process your personal information to contact you at the email address entered through the contact form.
Scope of processing of personal data

We process the following personal information that is necessary to contact you and which you provide us with:

E-mail adress

Personal information you give us unknowingly:

IP address

Time of processing and storage of personal data

Your personal data will be processed, collected, archived and safely stored as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or processed, and the legitimate reason for its possible archiving or until you request the deletion of your personal data to which you are entitled is removed. When requested to delete data, all irrevocably deleted and related orders (if any) will be anonymized.
How to collect, record, and secure personal information

Your personal information is most often obtained directly from you, for example by filling out the contact form. In this case, obtaining personal data is voluntary and does not constitute any contractual or statutory obligation. The web site operator is required to record all user requirements for downloading, correcting, and deleting their personal information. In securing your personal data, we have modern technical and security mechanisms to protect your processed personal data against unauthorized access or transfer, loss or destruction, or other potential misuse.
Rights of the person concerned

General European Regulation § 73 par. 3 of Act no. 18/2018 Z.z. Privacy Policy – “GDPR” provides general conditions for the exercise of your individual rights. However, this does not automatically mean that they will be accepted by us in exercising the individual rights, as exceptions or exceptions may be applied in the particular case. some rights are linked to specific conditions that do not have to be met in any case. Your application for a specific right will always be dealt with and examined in terms of legal regulations and applicable exemptions.

As a person concerned, you have:

Right to access data under GDPR Article 15 – The user of the website has the right to obtain information about the purpose and extent of processing of his or her personal data.
Right to Correct Data and Add Personal Data pursuant to Article 16 GDPR – The user has the right to request a correction data manager in the event of a suspicion of incorrect data being stored.
The right to erase data (“right to forfeit”) under Article 17 of the GDPR – The user has the right to delete his or her personal data without undue delay unless they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected or processed and forgive the legitimate reason for their possible archiving . When requested to delete data, all irrevocably deleted and related orders (if any) will be anonymized. The user has the right to take reasonable steps, including technical measures, to delete all references to his or her personal data and their copies if the legitimate reason for their possible archiving ceases.
Right to Limited Data Processing under Article 18 GDPR – The user has the right to limit the processing of his or her personal data or to disclose selected personal data, or to temporarily remove the published data.
The right to data portability under Article 20 GDPR – The controller’s responsibility is to sell to the data holder all information processed in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format. (such as PDF, CSV) By exercising this right, the user gains control of his or her personal data, and also has the ability to sell it in a similar way to another manager. Contact your webmaster to get your personal information.
Right of objection under Article 21 GDPR – User has the right to object to the processing of personal data, or has no right to exercise the right of cancellation.
Right to file a complaint under Article 77 of the GDPR – The user has the right to file a complaint with the supervisor if he considers that the processing of his or her personal data is contrary to the GDPR Regulation. In any case, we recommend that any disputes, questions or objections be dealt with primarily by communicating with us.

Supervisory Authority

Office for the Protection of Personal Data of the Slovak Republic

Borderline 12

820 07, Bratislava 27

Slovak republic

IČO: 36064220