940789_ebdf72d1534b4f0ca9f7e9a0b59dc695.png_srz_120_133_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzPeter Leitner

Form the beginning of 90s, Peter Leitner is working on development, production and optimization of production lines for big international companies. Since 2006, Peter is involved in project of recycing and effective use of plastic waste. Peter improved Japenese patent for NVG 1000 for commercial and industrial use. Today, this unique technology combines high efficiency and environmental friendliness together with high mobility and system modularity. Peter is responsible for technological part of the project.


940789_5146a29de65f40afa5fc711a42696a3a.jpg_srz_120_133_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzMartin Makara

Martin Makara is working in the field of industrial plastic processing since 90s. He gained his experience with design, technical solutions and special applications for plastics in automotive industry. Martin was involved in the project from the beginning and is responsible for processes and technical solutions of the technology.


michalMichal Leitner

Michal Leitner is involved in the project from the beginning, mainly during manufacture process, but his responsibility is also to cooperate with foreign clients. His main responsibility is supervision of the machine manufacturing process from the beginning to installation. He is taking part in development of technologies and implementation of new technical solutions.


borisBoris Žáčik

Boris Žáčik is working for many years as a software architect. His specializations are for example Siemens TIA Portal, WinCC Flexbile, Win32 application development,NET application development, MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, HTML5, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flash Builder, Xcode and much more. Since 2008, Boris is involved in the project and is working on software and hardware solutions for technology.


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